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Music – How to Market Your Beats

For the novice producer and creator of beats, marketing your sound is going to be one of the most difficult obstacles to overcome. This is mainly because the music industry is an old beast where the new and unique are not always welcomed with open arms.

The internet has certainly helped the new comers, however, providing a place for new blood to get the recognition they deserve. Still, marketing is tricky unless you can be as creative as you are with your beats.

Whether you make your own beats from scratch or you download already made beats and customize them, finding a fan base and a potential record label to listen to the finished product will have the same problem. Back in the 1980s and 1990s, musicians had to rely on the coveted “Lucky Break”. You performed each gig whether it was at a bar or club as if a representative from a record label was out in the crowd waiting to see if you had what it takes. While this is still a possibility, musicians are now encouraged to be more proactive with their approach.

Social networking sites like MySpace cater to artists of all forms understanding how hard it really is to make a name for oneself. Producers, hip hop artists, and really everyone is encouraged to use such arenas to its full advantage. It pays to use the internet and flood every possible area with news about a new beat you just made along with other information like show dates and times.

Often times, if you are downloading already made beats with the intention of customizing them later, these sites will have areas devoted to musicians. In these areas members of the site will be able to post their beats and other songs. This is a great opportunity to bring together musicians in one place so labels can easily browse through the selection to find what they want. This is, perhaps, the biggest innovation in marketing of recent date; the notion of bringing together artists in one place so big wigs can find them.

Even though you live, eat, and breath the Digital Age never underestimate the power of the spoken word. Establishing a strong fan base both online and offline will help legitimize your ability and talent. When you make it big it will be these first few fans that you can continue to rely on to help your record sales. Word of mouth will continue to be a great asset for the artist. When word of mouth spills over into the internet it is called viral marketing and has proven to be highly effective. Even though you have your own website and are a presence on those sites that offer downloadable beats you will still need to join every forum, group, and any where else that supports your projected fan base and peers that also make beats.

By having a visible face and a loud voice you will rise to the top and be noticed by labels. Don’t fool yourself into thinking that your first few beats will rocket you to stardom. It can take years for your sound to find a market. Many artists, no matter how talented, will feel discouraged by this fact, some will even give up. Just because the marketing campaign isn’t going as you like does not mean that you have just reason to give up. Be persistent in marketing and you will find that niche group which will then deliver you to fame.

7 Secrets to Musical Success and Financial Success in Music

Let’s be honest! It’s not easy to make a living as a musician. Music is one of those things that large amounts of people believe that they do well and because of that, there are amateurs who are competing against professionals for the available music jobs.

Here’s the good news: The reason that so many musicians aren’t making a sustainable living is because they aren’t aware of the many opportunities available for a musician. Let’s look at a few:

Recording: Do you have a talent for using recording technology? The equipment to record is cheap for the amateur but very few can really do it well. Hone your skills, take some workshops, and build some experience and this could be a great living.

Critic: Newspapers, blogs, and other media outlets are looking for critics to go to concerts and write reviews of the newest musical acts. If you have a love of music along with exceptional writing skills, this could be a job for you.

Repair: If you’re good with your hands, musical instrument repair technicians are always needed and this job transcends all music. Guitars, keyboards, amps, trumpets, and drums all break and for the hundreds of thousands of small children who play instruments and take music lessons but haven’t learned to properly take care of them, repair technicians always have work.

Performer: This is a challenging career path because it’s an area where the amateurs are competing against the professionals. This also serves to drive down the price that a professional musician can make. Most recommend having these skills and doing it alongside of something with a more sustainable income source.

Publisher: With the amount of music being written thanks to easy to use software, publishers are busier than ever before. Publishers need sales professionals, executives, and other business minded people who can keep the low margin publishing houses maximizing profits. And online publishing is a huge and growing field as well, offering blogs such as Piano Chords & Chord Progressions which offers piano lessons online.

Copyists/orchestrators: Are you in the vicinity of studios that produce television and movie productions? Often, this music needs copyists and orchestrators to rapidly prepare music for studio musicians to perform and record. Because this often happens in a matter of hours, you have to be able to work on sort deadlines and in a high stress environment but most report that the job is exhilarating.

Education: If you enjoy working with young people, probably the most consistent and sustainable living is to be a public school music educator. While the number of jobs in this field fluctuate, as most know, government jobs are some of the most stable and a public school pays a good wage while also offering great benefits. Private teachers too often make a good living giving piano lessons and other types of musical instruction.

Breaking News – The Answer May Not Be In The Infomercial Financial Course

The other night, leg cramps kept me up at night so I found myself
watching these various couples discuss their success over buying
a Real Estate course in this infomercial, at 2AM.

The evidence that people are purchasing these “Sudden Wealth”
programs are right there on the television screen in front of me.

After all, the advertisers of these “Complete Kits”
would not otherwise continue to pay for this advertising
without continuous customers.

I’m not necessarily trying to say to you that it’s _always_
a bad idea to call that 800 number and order.

… However, if you have a subtle, but conflicting
dialog in your head while dialing the numbers on the

– in other words, if you are going against your instincts –

.. then you are probably reinforcing one of the following
beliefs, unconsciously, by being the willing consumer:

Belief #1. I am not “plugged in” enough to this Universe to ever
receive just the right Avenue for my wealth, one that
suits *me*. Things just don’t work out for me that
way, so I will force a solution by buying into this.

( can you guess how possibly unhappy someone’s external circum-
stances would be, with this belief? Guess what? If you exist,
than you Are plugged in!)

Belief #2 “My Wealth is decided by External Forces, and this
Instant-Cash marketer on the screen looks like he’s
got ‘Inside Information’ on these external forces,
so I’d better get in on this.”

Belief #3 “If I don’t buy this program, than it means that I’m
probably passing up on the incredible lifestyle I
see in the background” – the infomercial sponsors
probably assume a mostly male audience, because the
most prominent “props” are the young, attractive
women on a boat – which I’m not complaining about.

Other than reinforcing limiting beliefs, this kind of “Aimlessly
Grasping outward”, for solutions of getting more money is an ex
ample of

– Backward Thinking –

at least to me – and I’ll explain why I think this is the case..

The *only* thing worth spending your investment of emotional
and thought energy is:

What does *your* Ideal Life look like, from the time you get up in
the morning, to WHO you are with, WHAT you might doing,
WHERE you live, etc..?

Those ancient, and not so ancient writers such as Wallace Wattles,
Charles Fillmore, Neville Goddard who wrote about
Universal Principles, such as the Law of Attraction,
truly led the way on how to Radiate the proper emotionalized


“Assume the Feeling of the Wish Fulfilled.” – Neville

It’s a simple habit to get into – but not necessarily easy –
to Visualize with Feeling a picture of what your ideal life is,
on a daily basis.

I say “Not Easy”, because: We put so much importance
on our current physical reality.

Wallace Wattles said that this is the hardest work for us to
to do …

We DO need to dwell on – with our thoughts – What we desire
Reinforcing (with our attention), the External appearances

Besides doing your best to visualize daily and with Feeling,
also, I’ve found through a lot of reading, and application
of these concepts gleaned from my reading, that
Life gives you nice bonuses when you simply:

=> Do something you Love doing Just for the Joy it gives you aching to be Given – and NOW, not Later – is what
could Launch Things Off in your life in a big way.

This makes you very Magnetic for attracting more.

( Start: Now – but don’t make the painting _itself_, in your
expectations, to be the only Avenue or Channel through which
the Universe delivers that lifestyle that you envision. )

So, to sum up, I’d say the odds are good, that using the money
that’s otherwise pegged for the Day Trader Instant-Business-Now
package ..

.. would better be spent on the Web development software if you
crave doing this type of thing, or if you’re a Painter, buy the
paint and brushes, or if you want to create Music,
than buy that music software you’ve been wanting, or the guitar.

( If you Do love the thought of Day Trading, and your instinct
about the Infomercial gives you a “YES”, then call and order )

As Neville says, (and Steve paraphrases),
“Wear the Feeling-State of Having Your Objective Realized”.

Live in your Ultimate Dreamed-Of Life NOW as much as you can
with your actions, environment and especially in quiet meditation
sessions with your internal images.